Wednesday, 15 June 2011

More miles in the training bank

Today was another good training day.  At lunchtime I went for a run around the woods of Opfikon with my colleague and now I have just completed a one hour and a bit bike ride in the direction of the Katzensee.

It was pretty hot at lunchtime and I didn't feel my breathing was as easy as normal.  It is good for me to start getting used to running in hotter temperatures.  Last summer whenever it approached 30 degrees Celsius I cancelled my lunchtime runs, but this year I will go however high the temperature gets.  I usually tend to get headaches when I run in the heat, but I think this is probably because I am not paying enough attention to hydrating myself adequately beforehand.

The cycle ride I just completed was a nice fast ride out past the Katzensee and towards Niederhasli then back.  I couldn't get up to warp speed as there were various traffic lights and people blocking the cycle lanes.  But when it was clear I got up to 25mph (40km/h or so) - a decent pace but not all out sprinting.

I was rather happy with my self discipline today.  Two colleagues had a birthday and unlike in the UK where people buy you something for your birthday (e.g. a round of drinks), here in Switzerland (or at least in UBS) you buy cakes for everyone else in the department.  Usually I tuck in and get a rather generous helping of these cakes, but today I abstained completely.  I passed them twice and eyed them up, but decided I needed to let it go and walk on by.

Also at lunchtime instead of getting a veggie burger and chips like I often do, or lots of snacks from the kiosk, I got a simple plate of pasta with some sauce.  These adjustments to my diet combined with my cycle ride that just burnt 1,317 calories and my lunchtime run, which must have burnt quite a few hundred calories, I am doing some serious fat busting today.

If you are a fat cell in my body and think you are safe all I can say is muhahahahahahahaha in an evil tone.

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