Monday, 13 June 2011

The day after the big one

After my ride with 4,155m of vertical ascent yesterday, I woke up with a lot less energy than normal today.  I am not aching at all, but energy wise I feel like a battery in need of a good recharge.  One thing is for sure, I will take it easy today and let my body reap the rewards of yesterday's training.  I am thankful for the fact that I didn't overdo it and get injured.  In fact I was expecting at least some aches today, so am doing much better than I had imagined I would be.

I will only be taking one day's rest though, and tomorrow I will be back on the bike.  I have proved to myself I am in shape for La Marmotte and am capable of completing both the distance and the vertical climbing, but time wise I would like to be faster.  If I predict my La Marmotte time based on yesterday's ride, and adapting it for the fact that I will be pushing harder in the event itself,  I am looking at a similar time to 2 years ago i.e. just under 10 hours.  Considering the extra training I have done this year I should be looking for a better time than that.  For this reason I will be doing some short, fast rides for the next few days to focus on increasing my power output, and in terms of big rides I will save that for the weekend.

On an aside note I checked my mass (because weight is actually a force and is measured in Newtons) on the scales this morning and I am 81kg, so it seems I have even managed to gain an extra kg.  I am guessing this in increased muscle mass in my legs, and hoping it is not fat.  As well as focussing a bit more on my diet, I can save half a kilogram or so by buying racing bike shoes instead of MTB shoes, plus they are stiffer and hence give better power transfer.  The other bonus is that I have always done my training rides carrying a rucksack but in the event itself I will stuff everything into my pockets instead.

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