Saturday, 15 January 2011

Running and rowing combo

The last 3 days I have got back into the full swing of things.  On Thursday I went running at lunchtime and then in the evening I rowed 5000m which will count towards the January Concept2 virtual online challenge for my team "Empty the Tanks".

Yesterday I also rowed another 5000m.  I found it quite surprising that it is quite easy to row a 5000m in under 21 minutes, yet my PB is currently only 19:46.  This leads me to believe that I can easily improve on my current PB given some more training.

Then today I decided to increase yet again the length of my long weekly run.  My previous longest run was 2 hours and 10 minutes, but today I felt like pushing that further.  My intention was 3 hours but I decided after 2.5 hours that was enough for now.  I have cross country skiing again tomorrow and need to save my self a little bit for that.  I think if I had run for 3 hours then I would be really suffering tomorrow.  As it is I feel a little tired and am sure I will sleep very soundly but other than that just fine.

The last time I did cross country skiing was before xmas and I think my fitness is a lot higher than then so I am hoping tomorrow I will see a lot of improvement in my overall technique and speed.

And on a separate note I decided to jump on the scales after my run and it gave my weight as 83.9kg.  I was quite pleased with that as I have lost 2 kilos since starting this blog.  I would really like to be under 80kg by the Zurich marathon in April.  If I plan on trying to lose 0.5kg per week then I would be 78kg by then, which would really help both my running speed and the wear and tear on my joints.

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