Sunday, 16 January 2011

Cross country in Einsideln

End of another day on the loipen
Another day of cross country skating style in the lovely little town of Einsideln.  The temperatures at the moment are pretty high and there is hardly any snow left in Einsideln.  The only reason the snow is staying on the cross country tracks is because is so heavily compacted.  The tracks are very icy and it was quite tricky on some of the downhill sections.

Three of us took the lesson today.  The range of abilities is somewhat mixed so I spent most of the lesson practising by myself.  Everyone was improving though, and I no longer feel I am overusing my upper body to propel myself along.  I can quite happily put down the poles and continue at a reasonable pace.

The last few days of rowing, running and cross country skiing has token its toll though and I feel shattered this evening.  I will sleep sound like a baby.

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