Monday, 17 January 2011

Row, row, row your boat gently down the apartment


Today I tried doing my first 10k row on my Concept 2.  I have rowed lots of 5ks in the past but I have always been more of a sprinter than a steady paced rower.  For the 10k I knew I would have to pace myself and start off at a reasonable pace but not overdo it.

I wasn't really racing to beat the clock but I did expect to do it in under 45 minutes.  43 minutes and 14.3 seconds was my final time.  I felt hard pushed in the last 2k as the lactic acid was really starting to build up and I was blowing fairly hard.  But I was able to hold a conversation with Anny throughout most of the distance, so I can't have been that tired.

I have to keep the amount of training I am doing in check as it is starting to become quite intense what with the running, rowing and cross country skiing, but so far my body is reacting well and I don't really feel any aches and pains.

My plan for tomorrow is to row another 5k before work at a very gentle pace and then at lunchtime to do the yoga class and then finally after work to do some brief hill training.  There are plenty of short steep hills in the area, and my plan is to run up and down a fairly short steep hill between 5 and 10 times depending on how I feel.  This will be the first hill training session I have done, as so far I just been focussing on steady runs and building up the mileage without getting any injuries.

I am really expecting the weight to start falling off over the coming weeks if I keep up this level of activity.  This weekend is a whole weekend of cross country ski in the Goms valley and that will help to burn plenty of calories I hope.

Regarding the sponsorship there could be some very good news coming soon...

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