Monday, 10 January 2011

Why does illness always strike when you are on a roll?

I was on a roll after Christmas and managed to bump up the training run distance to around 24k according to the mapmyrun website.  So just over a half marathon.  Then suddenly the next day I realised I was coming down with the flu.  It sucks but that always seems to happen when your training is just starting to go so smoothly.

Three days of lying in bed and feeling like the world was about to end and then I started to feel better.  Now I feel my energy levels are back to normal but I am still a bit congested so will have to wait another few days before hitting the hard training again.  It's always a tossup between getting back to it as quickly as possible and risking coming down with something else and leaving it a few extra days and missing that amount of training.  Yoga is tomorrow lunchtime so that will be a gentle way to ease back into the swing of things.

I got myself down to the doctors today, as I needed to get a medical declaration that I am fit enough to participate in both the Marmotte and the Marathon des Sables and I have those both signed off now, so that's always good news.  I was slightly put out when the doctor suggested that marathon runners are normally a fair bit more fragile than I am - just kidding - I have accepted long ago that I am not destined to be a super lightweight runner.  But then again James Cracknell isn't exactly a super waif either, and he managed to complete standard marathons as well as the Marathon des Sables in a fantastic time.

I will be putting up details of how you can sponsor me for the Marathon des Sables shortly, as soon as I get back the documentation from Mencap.  I managed to get another 2 colleagues today to pledge 100CHF each, so if I can get enough people the target is within my reach.

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