Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A preliminary thank you and a keep up the good work appeal

Hi to all my blogites (no idea if that word exists but it sounds cool)

Thanks to those of you who have already sponsored me for my Marathon des Sables 2012 attempt.  Almost 900GBP raised in 2 days, which combined with what I will put in the pot myself is over a third of the way towards my target of 9500GBP.

For those that haven't yet sponsored me my fundraising page is

If you are a stranger and have clicked on my blog by mistake feel free to just donate a pound.  Even if every accidental visitor donates a pound that will eventually add up.  Rome wasn't built in a day.

I can even help you.  Its easy.  Follow my simple plan to improve your health whether you a smoker, a chocoholic or a sexaholic - basically anyone with an addiction

1) When you feel the need to give in to your vice go to my fundraising page above and donate the equivalent amount of money that your vice would cost
2) Think to yourself now I have just spent what my vice would have cost so I don't have the money left to indulge my vice

I especially welcome expensive vices such as those with a love of the white stuff.  Just remember my two step plan and you can give up.  You can, believe me.  I wanted to indulge my vice of buying a new bike so I instead donated 2500 pounds and put a picture of the bike I wanted on my wall.  Now I don't even have to wait to go past the bike shed each morning to see it.  I can see it from my bed at night.

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