Monday, 22 August 2011

Weekend of relaxing bike rides

I didn't do anything too strenuous at the weekend, but I did several bikes rides with Anny and her cousin.  Total distance covered over the 2 days was nothing to write home about (less than 50km), but still it was nice to do some relaxing bike rides with company for once, instead of always racing around on my own.  The only downside was that for a habitual cyclist, going out on a ride with 2 non cyclists, the pace seemed very slow.  At the end of the ride to Eglisau Anny was starting to do much better though, and if she was to start cycling regularly I am sure she would be fine.  The main thing that made the difference between the start and end of the ride was her improvement in gear selection and cadence.

The temperatures were pretty high, and this was a real problem for Anny's cousin, at least mentally.  I am sure her body can cope perfectly fine with temperatures in the low 30s, but some people just don't like to push themselves too hard and don't like to sweat.  Me on the other hand I love to be dripping in sweat from every pore.  The only downside is when it gets in my eyes and stings.  At least we had a dip in the Rhine to cool off anyway.

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