Friday, 26 August 2011

Kick ass fundraising day on my last day of work

Today was my last day of work at UBS.  The flight to Rwanda is tomorrow morning and all is set.  All errands completed and it is just the matter of final packing preparations to be done.  On a side note it seems the baggage allowances these days are much more generous than they were when I used to fly frequently.  I am allowed to have 2 checked bags weighing 23kg each and 1 item of hand luggage weighing 10kg.  56kg of luggage sounds like an incredible amount to me, and I don't intend to take anywhere near that much.

As it was my last day of work I decided to remind a few people who mentioned they were going to donate about my fundraising campaign and to send them the url again.  By the end of the day 5 new people had sponsored me a combined total of £320.  This is fantastic news as it means I now am within sight of the finishing line.  I have £1,581.50 left to raise in order to meet the minimum target.  If I can sell the other 6 months of my Holmes Place membership that will leave around £1,000 left to raise.

It is a little sad to leave the people that I have worked alongside for 3.5 years.  They are all a great bunch, and there are plenty of interesting characters among them.  On the other hand Zurich is a small place and I will probably see most of them again next year.  If I was hoping to slip out quietly then I didn't really achieve that aim.

Now I only have things to look forward to and nothing to regret!

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