Monday, 22 August 2011

Second half of Holmes Place gym and spa membership is now for sale on ricardo

As most of you know I recently sold half of the membership that Holmes Place kindly donated to me.  This helped raise over 500GBP for my fundraising campaign, which was great.   The other half I was planning to use for a prize draw.  The problem however is that at present there are no eligible participants.  Two people entered, but they claimed GiftAid on their donation, and I am not allowed to offer the prize to anyone that claimed GiftAid, as Giftaid can only be claimed when no incentives are on offer.

I could let the prize draw run and hope that more people will enter, but based on the current state of affairs I am not sure that would help me to raise more than 500GBP.  So I prefer to take the safer approach and offer it up for auction at a minimum price of 600CHF.  The link to the item on ricardo is below.  Again, if you know anyone who is interested in Holmes Place Zurich gym and spa membership at a bargain price feel free to pass it on.

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