Saturday, 4 June 2011

Interesting fact - it takes 15 minutes to get home from work by bike but 25 minutes or more by public transport

Well yesterday I proved why cycle couriers can be so useful.  It only took me 15 minutes to get home from work but it takes a minimum of 25 minutes by public transport.  Before you start to assume I jumped every red light I saw, I didn't.  Okay I did jump a couple but only where it was very easy to see what was coming, and I never do that at crossroads for instance.

I am trying to break up the pattern of long slow rides and inject some fast paced ones into my regime.  I was pushing quite hard whenever there were no traffic lights or junctions in site, and breathing heavily enough to get arrested if I was speaking to someone on the phone at the time.  Tomorrow morning I may try another fast one of no more than an hour, whilst Anny is still sleeping.

Next week will be back to the usual long rides though.  It will most likely be my biggest one before La Marmotte itself.  Anny has a friend coming over which gives me the perfect opportunity to disappear on my bike from the crack of dawn to the close of dusk.


  1. How lucky you are that my friends are coming over!!!;-) xx

  2. si si - the only better option would be if you became a cyclist like me and could join me on my tough training rides ;)