Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Disappointment reigns supreme - the holiday has had to be cancelled

As I am usually a rather positive person this is the first hint of a negative post from me.  Last night our dog Negrita got sick and was vomiting again and again, and there was some blood in her poo.  After a rather sleepless night, we decided she needed to go to the animal hospital today to be checked out.  Anny was kind enough to take her during her lunchbreak, and after some hours they told her that she has some kind of viral infection that has made her very weak, and she needs to stay at the hospital till Friday so she can be monitored and rehydrated/ treated.

Unfortunately this means we need to cancel our holiday to the French Riviera as we will need to be there to pick her up on Friday.  Also we will visit her tomorrow so she is cheered up a bit.  She isn't a dog that takes well to new people.  In fact she is normally very afraid of strangers so she probably isn't too happy right now.  I get the impression though that when animals are sick they know the vets are trying to help them, as despite having needles stuck in them they usually display no signs of aggression and behave well.  Or sometimes they are just too sick to care.

We are both disappointed about having to cancel, but it is more important that Negrita is okay.  So my beach running will not happen it seems, as unless you didn't pay too much attention in your geography classes at school, you will know that Switzerland is a land locked country.  You could call the areas around the lake "beaches", but for me this is like calling a gust of wind a hurricane.  A beach where there are no waves is for me not a real beach.

I don't know yet what we will be doing, but I will certainly have to try and fit in some kind of physical training over the coming days.  You know me, I can't do without it at the moment.  Or rather I can't afford to do without it at the moment.

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