Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Weekend of snowboarding and cross country skiing in Klosters

Klosters is not just a place for the royal family but also a nice place for anyone who likes skiing/snowboarding.  It is a lovely little village and the only slight disappointment was the lack of après-ski and nightlife.  There were 5 of us in total, all Brits.  As if the village wasn't full enough of Brits already I am sure the locals were thinking :))

We arrived on Friday around lunchtime, a little late in the day to hire equipment, take the cable cars to the top, and get in enough skiing and snowboarding to make the ski pass good value for money.  For this reason we decided to do some cross country skiing.  Two of my friends opted to try skating style for the very first time and the other two opted to stick with classic style.  Of the two that tried skating style one was a natural and I am sure he could pick up a great technique if he took a couple of lessons.  We didn't get so far but it was a nice outing and a nice warm up ready for a full day of skiing/boarding the next day.

The next two days were pretty full on in terms of the number of runs we fitted in and the time spent on the pistes and not sitting down in the restaurants.  Two of us opted for a little lie-in on Sunday morning but the others were out on the pistes as soon as they opened.   I think I wouldn't have been quite so tired if I hadn't got up at 6.40am on Saturday morning to go running with one of my friends.

This was my first time snowboarding this season, and my calfs were aching a lot.  I probably should have spent a little more time stretching as the aching got quite bad by the third day.  On Monday morning two of us decided to stay in town and take some relaxation time whilst the other wanted to round off the holiday with another session of hardcore boarding.  All in all it was a nice active long weekend.


  1. Lightweight. Ha ha. I know this was a break from the more hardcore training so glad you could join and risk your health for some off-piste fun. Same again next year?

  2. Yes same again next year mate. Will try to train for the lack of sleep as this seems to be my weakest area :)