Friday, 4 March 2011

This week's training summary

The week started off with a rest day on Monday.  I needed this after the weekend of snowboarding in Klosters.  Then on Tuesday morning I went to another physio session, the 8th one so far, and we did some further ultrasound and work on the wobbleboard.  This at least gave my calfs some stretching and then at lunchtime I did yoga which helped to stretch them even more.   Normally I would have my weekly sports massage on Tuesday but this week I had to wait till Thursday.

On Wednesday lunchtime I went running with my colleague but she wasn't feeling so great and she told me to go on ahead so she could go back in her own time.  Given a free reign of the woods I decided 3 laps instead of the usually single lap was in order.  In total I was running for 1.5 hours and I felt pretty darn good.

Thursday evening I went running with my little four legged friend who goes under the name of Negrita.  I decided we would climb the Uetliberg together, but since it was pitch black the road way seemed more appropriate than the route through the woods, which would give the risk of twisting an ankle or worse.  I don't know why but I find night running is sometimes better than day running as everything is so peaceful and usually there is a slight nip in the air which helps ensure you don't overheat.  The total running time was 2 hours and Negrita seemed absolutely fine with that.

This morning (Friday) was what may hopefully be my final physio session.  We spent the whole session stretching and at the end we both agreed that I should now try to go without physio for a while and see how I get on.  I think the most important focal point will be the post exercise stretching as this really seems to alleviate any soreness in my knee.  Lunchtime was then yoga and although it wasn't as tough as some of the previous lessons it was certainly not an easy one either.  It is always amusing to watch the faces of people trying to hold the poses for as long as the teacher wants, but whose bodies clearly don't want them to do so.  Also I noticed some of the men try a lot harder than the women to please the teacher but that may be due to her attractiveness.

The weekend has now arrived and the plan is for it to be an active one.  Tomorrow at 10am I have a private Pilates lesson and then later in the morning I need to go to Holmes Place and get my membership card, now that they have been kind enough to let me use their facilities to train for free.  I also want to try and fit in a long run of between 2.5 and 3 hours this weekend, and since we plan to go cross country skiing in Studen on Sunday it will most likely need to be tomorrow.

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