Friday, 11 February 2011

Shake that body

Today was the "tough" yoga class.  Tuesday's class is more gentle, and focussed on moving slowly between the poses but holding them for longer.  Friday is a different teacher and is more power yoga.  For a lot of the Tuesday people, Friday's class is too much.

Most of the class was fine, but the last ten minutes was focussed on the abs.  I have found in the last few weeks that it is very easy for me to "shake that body".  All I need to do is 10 minutes of abs work and I am shaking like a leaf.  I couldn't do the full set of exercises, but most of the others couldn't either, except the teacher and a few waif like creatures dotted around the room.  Are women naturally better at abs work or is  it just me that seems to make this observation?

Hopefully though, with my body becoming accustomed to doing 3 times per weeks abs work, it will start to adapt and maybe I will be able to do all the set exercises.  And if not at least I can shake my body well on demand...

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