Monday, 7 February 2011

Another early one

The weekend was rather uneventful exercise wise.  We stayed in the igloo village in Davos on Saturday night and the plan was to go cross country skiing on Sunday.   But I didn't sleep too well and really needed to get back to Zurich and catch up on lost sleep.

Yesterday was another early start though, waking up at 5am to go to the gym before work.  This time I planned to do 2 hours on the static bike but once I got going I realised 1 hour and a half would be plenty as long as I worked hard during that period, and then I wouldn't be so rushed to start work on time.  According to the machine I burnt around 1,000 calories which is a great way to start the day.  Afterwards I made sure to do plenty of stretching, especially leg ones.

Then after work I had my second one to one Pilates lesson.  This time I started getting the hang of which muscles I was meant to engage, and once I took the big ones like the quads out of the equation it was pretty tough on the core and I could really feel my "powerhouse" working.  Both the Pilates teacher and my physio have noted improvements in my hamstring flexibility, so I guess the post exercise stretches and twice per week yoga instead of once per week is really paying off.

Shortly I have my third meeting with the physio and then at lunchtime my yoga lesson.  Hopefully after work I will still feel like going on the rower for one hour, which would be the longest I have been on it yet.   I can' wait to get out running again as I much prefer being outside even if it is cold, but still 2 more weeks break from running yet in order to follow the sports doctors advice and have the best chance of no further knee problems in the lead up to the Zurich marathon.

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