Thursday, 10 February 2011

Don't break the Swiss law when rowing

This morning I awoke early ready to do some indoor rowing, and decided I would try for the first time to row for one hour.  Till now the furthest I have done is 10,000m and this took 42 minutes and 15 seconds.  I checked the online rankings on the concept2 website and saw that the 50% percentile for men was somewhere around 14,000m in one hour.

With this in mind I set off at a nice steady pace and was well on target for 14,000m.  Then suddenly I heard banging on the floor from the apartment below and realised that they were probably doing it in response to my rowing.  My theory was strongly supported by the fact that they did this several times and usually at the points when I was rowing faster.  As this was within the "quiet time" according to Swiss law I decided I had better slow down and keep the fan noise lower.

Final result was 13,521m but I finished as though I had just been walking in the park and can't wait to have a proper go at the 1 hour.

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