Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Finally past the 6,000 GBP mark

Well today is a great day in the history of my campaign to raise 10,000 GBP for Mencap.  I finally passed the 6,0000 GBP mark, which is where I hoped to be with donations from friends and family before really having to push hard on corporate sponsors.  There are still quite a few people who have promised to sponsor me in the coming weeks and if I am really lucky that will push me over 7,000 GBP.  For any strangers reading this blog wondering what I am talking about, take a look at my fundraising page http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/PaulJanes.

On the exercise front today I had another physio session, this time on  the wobble board.  For anyone who doesn't know what a wobble board is, it is a circular disc with a smaller circular disc underneath and you stand on top of the large disc and move around on top of it.  Since the disc underneath is smaller, the whole thing is not very stable and your muscles around your knees and ankle and those in your core have to work hard to keep you balanced.  After half an hour on that my muscles were nice and warm and it was a nice feeling.

Then at lunchtime was yoga again.  Each week I notice more and more improvements in terms of the time I am able to hold the poses comfortably and the moves I am able to attempt where previously I may have given up.  Also the handstands are coming along nicely too.  At the beginning of each lesson I try to hold a handstand and whilst several weeks ago I fell over immediately, now bit by bit I am starting to feel more stable and I can hold them for a few seconds at least.  With time I am hoping to be able to hold them for maybe a minute or more.  The other new move I attempted today was to do the bridge pose and then to lift one leg in the air and point it towards the ceiling.

I think tomorrow I may get up early and have another attempt at the 1 hour timed row on the Concept2.  Or I may go on the static bike instead.  So many choices - oooooh my head hurts :).  Remember I am still on a running break till next Monday - doctors orders.

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