Friday, 18 February 2011

Another donation, a physio session and a yoga session

Today was a busy busy day.  Besides the work aspect, I started the day with a physio session which involved doing various exercises whilst standing on a flat disc shaped inflatable.  Of course the fact it is filled with air means it is very unstable when standing with both feet on it, as every movement with one foot causes a movement for the other foot.  Therefore your feet are constantly moving small amounts to keep the balance.

Then at lunchtime was the tougher yoga class.  Today I didn't find it as tough as last week, but then again we didn't do so many abs focussed exercises this time.  Before and after the class I practised my handstands again, and the longest I managed was 5 seconds, so a small improvement there.  It feels like I would only need slightly more balance and then I could hold it much longer.  I almost managed to stop myself from falling but obviously not quite enough.

I also got another donation on my fundraising page from a colleague.  Based on the number of days left till the Marathon des Sables itself, I need now to get about £10 per day in donations in order to meet the minimum target.  When you break it down like this it does seem perfectly reasonable although of course there is a point when the donations slow down once you have asked all your circle of friends and colleagues.  At the moment though there are 65 donors, and my circle of friends and colleagues certainly includes more than 65 people so I am not running out of people to ask yet.  I also asked various magazines if they would run an article on me to get increased exposure.  That and in addition the UBS internal magazine.

The corporate sponsor hasn't come back to me yet, but I do have one who has pledged something very interesting that may help me to bring in a lot of money.  I am waiting for them to draw up the contract first though before I can reveal more details.  It would certainly be of interest to people living in Zurich.

Well folks that's me signing out for tonight.  Tomorrow I am planning to go cross country skiing again as long as there is enough snow and the cross country trails are open.  I wish you all a goodnight.

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