Friday, 20 July 2012

My running protege storms her second ever race at the Swiss Firms-Triathlon

A smiling start
It was only back in May that Anny completed her first ever race, a 5km course in a small village outside of Madrid.  Being very new to running she did absolutely fantastic.

Well onwards and upwards she goes, having just completed her second ever race in the Swiss Firms-Triathlon last Saturday in Zürich.  She was part of one of three Adecco teams, and completed the running leg, which was 7km long.

I went along to watch her, and to cheer her along the way.  I find it admirable that Adecco actively encourages participation in such events.  They also run a program called Win4Youth, which is extremely popular with Anny's colleagues.

Just look at the smile on Anny's face in the photo above.  That may have been taken at the start of the race, but it is still a great sign to see that she is enjoying herself.  Some people focus so much on their times and achieving personal bests that they often miss the whole enjoyment of running.  Anny runs more for enjoyment than for times.

After taking that photo I headed over to the finish line whilst Anny headed off along the lake on the main part of the route.  I was anticipating that she would finish in a time of between 35 and 42 minutes.  In the end she arrived after 38 minutes and 46 seconds.  A great result for both her and her team!

So what is next in store for Anny?  Well she is talking about entering herself for a half marathon before the end of this year.  I am trying to persuade her to run in the Lucern half-marathon/marathon, as I am already signed up for the full marathon event.  Her aim if she does the half marathon will be just to complete it.  Given the fact that she has now built up a good base fitness, I think it is certainly within her capability.  The mental aspect will definitely become more important though, as a half is a fairly respectable distance even for experienced runners.

Keep up the good work Anny!

One of the three Adecco Swiss Firms-Triathlon teams

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