Sunday, 17 June 2012

Almost a marathon

The picture on the left is me before setting off for my run today.  I had planned to run 110km this week, and I realised that to achieve that goal I needed to run 41km today.  Practically a marathon!

The weather was hot and sunny and I left it a bit late really to go out running.  I left in the early afternoon and had to run right through the heat of the day.  Had I planned it well I would have got up early and gone in the cool of the morning.

I took my OMM pack with one bottle of water, my wallet and some energy gels in it, and assumed that I would find more water along the way in the form of drinking fountains or shops.  I headed off along the lake towards Rapperswil, and after 15km I headed up towards Pfannenstiel.  The route took me into the forests, and at least the trees afforded me some precious shade.

I know that I ran an ultra in the Moroccan Sahara a few months ago, but I was acclimated for that and we were given 1.5 litres of water every 10km or so.  The acclimation wore off weeks ago.  I struggled to find water in the forest and I started to become a little dehydrated.  At one point I even considered giving up and my pace slowed to a crawl.  Luckily I soon came across a restaurant selling snacks and drinks, and I stopped there for an ice cream and 3 bottles of soda and water.

The homeward stretch of my run took me along the route of Forchbahn, coming into Zurich down by Bellevue.  It was then just a short jog home.  I am pretty tired right now but at least I completed my aim of 110km this week.

The plan this coming week is take it a bit more easy.  I am thinking of running 5 instead of 6 days, and dropping the milage down to something very reasonable like 80km.  This will give my body a chance to recover ready for a 120km week in 2 weeks time.  Anny will be away in New York this coming weekend, so I may take the chance to do something sporty on Saturday and something relaxing on Sunday.  For Saturday canyoning in Chli Schliere is one possibility as is a via ferrata in Engelberg.  Then for Sunday a spa and sports massage sounds pretty tempting, as does a thermal bath.  Let's see, as this weekend has only just finished.

To round off here are a couple more photos from the run today.

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