Thursday, 3 May 2012

Group coaching sessions from next Wednesday

Up till now I have done most of my running training alone.  I really enjoy going at my own pace and the peace and quiet that comes from running alone.  Sometimes though it is nice to train with a group.

I used to do my Wednesday lunchtime runs with my colleagues at UBS and when I start there again next week I will see if they are interested to resume the lunchtime runs.  On top of that I have signed up for group coaching sessions, led by an American coach called Jeff Grant.  He runs these sessions once a week on Wednesday nights at the Sihlhölzli track.

I prefer to take tuition from someone that can do what they are asking their pupils to do.  Jeff has completed the Marathon des Sables (2nd American home and top 50 place), the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc, the Swiss Inferno triathlon and the Hawaii Ironman World Championships.  That is a very respectable set of events to complete, and anyone who can complete all of those gets my respect hands down.  Jeff is trained in the Pose running technique and is also a Crossfit teacher.

It will be very interesting to see how I get on with the coaching sessions, especially the part where he teaches us the Pose running technique, as running always felt like one of those activities that we were born to do, and coaching in how to do it seems just a little unusual to me.  I have a very open mind though and have taken lots of coaching in others sports before, such as squash, so am happy to try it out.  The fitness gains from the drills and core conditioning workouts will also be invaluable.

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