Monday, 30 April 2012

Another toe nail fell off - ewwwww

I thought looking down at my feet that the toenail on my right little toe didn't look too healthy.  It was a darker colour, and very brittle.  Upon closer inspection it started to come off in my hand.  That is now the second toenail that has fallen completely off since I finished the Marathon des Sables.  All of the remaining ones look very healthy, so that should be it now (I hope).

I hope that the new toenails that grow back are nice and healthy, and that I don't have any problems with them growing back at strange angles or becoming ingrown as some people experience.  I have never lost a toenail before, so when it first happened I was a little worried that it might never grow back, but after reading a lot of forums it seems they usually do.  At least it is not painful now - I think that was the cause of a lot of my pain during the race, but since then the skin underneath has toughened up considerably.  I thought that usually the toenails just go black and fall off when a new one has grown underneath it, but in my case the dead ones just fell off with no replacement in sight, and they never actually went black (just a darker shade of brown).  This way maybe the new ones can grow unobstructed.

I was asked to start work at UBS next Monday instead of this Wednesday due to some paperwork that still needs to be completed first, so I think I will use the next few days to restart my hot yoga classes and go for some more gentle runs.  Anyway, that's it for now folks as I need to go and take Negrita for a walk.    She is looking at me with those cute puppy eyes and that little waggy tail - how cute.

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