Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My new experiment - VFFs

I just went out and bought my first pair of VFFs (Vibram FiveFingers) and I am eager to try them out.  After reading lots of reviews I decided to go with the Bikila LS model.  My usual shoe size is 42 but it seemed 41 was a better fit with the VFFs.  Even with a 41 my big toe and the toe next to it fit perfectly, but there is a little extra length at the end of the other 3 toes.  However I couldn't really go any smaller without squashing my big toe.

Below is a picture of the Bikila LS model.  Mine are green not grey though, and it makes me look a bit like a frog.

I think I will test them out tomorrow and go for a walk in the woods on the Zurichberg with Negrita.  I can't wait.  My Newton Sir Isaac Guidance Trainers should be arriving shortly too.  It is a bit like Christmas all over again.

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