Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Do you want a sneaky peak at the MDS 2013 course before the race starts?

I had already seen the MDS 2012 course before the official road book was given out on the bus.  I already knew that the race was going to end in Merzouga.  I had already been driven along most of the route and had stayed overnight at the Riad Nomad hotel right next to where the route passed on day 3.  How did I manage that you may ask when the route is meant to be a secret.

I booked my trip with Cap Dunes travel and the owner Lahcen Ouyahia is very well connected in the region.  He seemed to have all the inside information.  I was not 100% sure that the route he was showing me was the actual one we would follow, but once I checked the road book, everything that he had showed me was in there down to a T.

I am very thankful to Lahcen because there was a problem with my online money transfer and he only actually got the money after he had provided all the promised services.  He paid for the hotel and fuel from his own pocket without actually having seen a penny of my money.  The problem was the fault of the Moroccan bank and luckily it has now been resolved, but it caused both Lahcen and I a lot of worry and stress.  A lot of travel agents would have refused to provide any services until the money was actually in their account, and not just having seen a confirmation from an overseas bank that the money had been sent.

So if you want to go out to Morocco next year before the MDS starts for some heat acclimatisation, maybe considering booking your trip with Cap dunes travel www.cap-dunes.com.

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