Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A big thank you to Talentis Solutions AG

Talentis Solutions AG just donated £100 towards my fundraising campaign, which is really great news.  As you know I was already over my minimum target of £9,500, but I am still happy to receive more donations.  The more that Mencap receive, the more they can do to fight hate crimes against people with learning disabilities, which is one of their current campaigns.

Talentis is, and has been, my employer for several years now, whilst I have been working physically at UBS in Opfikon.  Talentis is a major Swiss solutions provider specialised in the areas of banking, finance and insurance.  All the staff are friendly and we have several social gatherings per year.  James is the person you are most likely to deal with, and he answers your questions quickly and efficiently and puts your mind at ease.  In terms of payments they are always on time each month, and I have not had a single complaint the whole time I have been with them.  You can check out their website at

I also found out today that I will have a job at UBS to return to once I finish the Marathon des Sables.  That really puts my mind at ease in terms of where my next pay cheque will come from.  My next challenge will have to be on a slightly smaller scale though, since I will have the usual working week to contend with.  In fact I have already decided what the next challenge will be. I am going to try to do a sub 3 hour marathon.  With my current marathon prediction at around 3 hours and 4 minutes and my best marathon to date at around 3 hours and 29 minutes I am going to have some work to do, but it should be achievable.  In the meantime I can relax knowing I have a secure job to return to, and focus myself 100% on the Marathon des Sables next week.  Thanks again Talentis.

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