Wednesday, 28 March 2012

35 minutes of sauna time

Good evening mes amis.  Yesterday as you know I spent 30 minutes in the sauna doing light exercises, and struggled a little.  I was only planning on doing 30 minutes again today, but I felt fine so I increased the time to 35 minutes.  Yesterdays struggle may have been due in part to the ridulously high humidity that I created by throwing water on the rocks every few minutes, and I am after all training for a race in the desert and not the jungle so it wasn't really appropriate.

The starting temperature once again was pretty low.  A balmy 60C.  But I repeated my trick of putting the towel under the door and the temperature started to rise.  By the end of my session it was just touching 80C.  This time I didn't throw any water on the rocks at all, and it was only once the temperature hit 70C that I was really starting to feel the heat.

In terms of sauna exercises I opted for lying on my back and pretending I ws cycling with my legs.  I also did some stomach crunches.  This allowed me to remain on the top bench where it was a little hotter.  In the last few minutes of the session I stood up and did some jogging on the spot.  I wasn't exercising the whole time though as I didn't want to make my abs suffer that much or to overexert myself.

I drank about 1 litre of water whilst I was in the sauna, and now I am drinking some water with added electrolytes.  The goods new is that I don't have a headache or feel nauseous yet again.  Is it that my body is starting to adapt?  I measured my pulse very roughly whilst I was lying on the top bench for a few minutes and it semeed to be around 80 beats per minute.  I have nothing to compare that with however.

The plan tomorrow is a 1 hour jog in the heat of the day followed by another sauna session in the evening.  I have asked the staff to have the sauna ready at 70C when I arrive.  I had asked them for that yesterday too, but it seems my request was lost in translation.  Hopefully the weather tomorrow will be hot and sunny and not rainy and cloudy like today.

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