Thursday, 2 February 2012

Today was a freaking good day in terms of training and ££££££ for Mencap

The day started off well with a Pilates lesson at 10am.  There is nothing like a bit of rigorous exercise to wake you up for the day ahead.  After that it just got better.  I checked my email after leaving the Pilates lesson and saw that the woman who bought my Holmes Place membership on (donated for free by Holmes Place) had arranged to activate her membership at 2.30pm, and to hand over the money to me at the same time.

2.30pm was fine for me as I had no other plans, and I was keen to get the money onto my site and see the little thermometer thing go up even more.  So I agreed to meet her there.  Since I was going to have to go to Holmes Place anyway, I decided to do a workout prior to the meeting.  First I had to take Negrita out for a bit of a play in the park so she could do her business and then try and get a bit of food into me.  Then I headed out of the door and into town to Holmes Place.

I decided I would run on the treadmill until the meeting and then start my weights regime afterwards.  There was about 1 hour until the meeting, so that gave me a chance to do 10.5km.  I started out at a steady 10km/h, but that was a little boring so I decided to do intervals.  The rest speed I chose was 10km/h but for the intervals I varied them, so I used inclines of between 0 and 5 degrees and speeds of between 13 and 17km/h.  When I was running at 17km/h I must have looked like one of those hamsters in a wheel.  My legs were almost a blur I am sure.  After that tough little intervals session I warmed down and then went to meet the Holmes Place management along with the buyer of my membership.

Everything went smoothly and she got her card for the gym and spa as planned, handed over the money and that was that.  Then I went back upstairs to start on the weights.  I did a whole host of exercises including back extensions, bench presses, bicep curls, shoulder presses, squats (with 60kg), seated rows, skipping, balance board etc etc.  I was feeling a little high after all that but also a little lightheaded too.  I often have to be careful when I stand up quickly as my blood pressure can sometimes get quite low.  On the odd occasion I have fallen to the floor after standing up quickly.  Luckily today nothing like that happened.

I scoffed down a protein shake and then headed back home where I am now.  I have already put the money from the Holmes Place membership sale on my site, and it gave me a little boost to see that I am within £1,000 of the target now.  Actually I am £851.60 from the target at this point in time.  I am hoping with a little help from my friends that have not already donated I will soon be there.  Of course you don't have to be my friend to donate, but you will sure become one by donating.  So any random strangers out there reading this blog, please go on my page and donate and become my friend.  Mencap needs your money.

Have a good day everyone!!!

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