Friday, 10 February 2012

Another 2 Pilates lessons and an 18km run up the snow covered Uetliberg

After hot yoga on Wednesday I had my Pilates lesson.  I wasn't aching at the time I did it, but the next day there were aches all over the place.  It was probably the combination of the hot yoga and the Pilates that did it, but all I know is that my neck, shoulders, back, inner thighs and butt were all aching.  It was that nice burn effect that athletes come to love.  That sign that we have done a good workout the day before.

On Thursday my Pilates lessons was mostly mat based, but it was actually tougher than usual I found.  There was one point where my stomach just gave up and I couldn't hold my weight up any longer.  Imagine doing several hundred sit-ups in a row, as the exercises we did targeted the abs each and every time.  When I left the lesson I decided I would skip hot yoga as otherwise I would be barely able to move today.

Instead I decided to go for a run up the Uetliberg.  The Uetliberg is fully covered in snow at the moment, and I knew Negrita would love it, so I took her with me.  We did 18km overall, and in retrospect that was a little far for Negrita as she was lagging in the final 3km and I had to slow up.  She was off lead in the forest and running around like a mad hatter, so that probably tired her out more than anything else.  I wish she would stop barking at everyone she passes though, as that is quite annoying both for me and them.  Most of them laugh but the odd one looks quite annoyed.

A happy doggy in her element - snow

Negrita posing next to a frozen stream

Top of the Uetliberg in sight

Beautiful snowy views over Zurich

The soreness in my right foot that I have been experiencing the last few weeks during my runs didn't occur yesterday.  That meant that on the steep sections I was able to get up on my toes for a nice calf burn.  If you run up hills on your tiptoes a lot, you get calf muscles like a beast based on what I have seen from other runners who I see running up mountains.  The last few weeks I wasn't able to do that because when I did that my foot became sorer.

The other thing I noticed yesterday is that the lower back ache I used to get when running up the Uetliberg has almost completely vanished now.  A few more weeks of Pilates and yoga and I probably wont feel a thing.

My main plan for today is to go for a nice long run.  That could be anything from a half marathon (not so long) to a full marathon (pretty long).  I will just go the distance that feels comfortable, as I do have quite a few aches this morning.  Rest assured I wont be taking Negrita that kind of distance in case you were wondering.  She may come with me for the first 10km or so, and then I would drop her off at home and continue on my way.

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