Monday, 23 January 2012

Part 2 of 5 completed - another 32km run

Howdy everyone

Firstly before too much blurb I wanted to include a couple of photos, because I haven't been adding that many to my posts recently.  These photos are ones that I took today during my 32km run, and show the cool trail running terrain almost on my doorstep.  They are from the first part of my run, in the Zurichberg woods.

Perfect point to exit the gravel track and enter the woods

A flying Negrita hurdling a fallen tree (front left of photo)

Close up of Negrita

Time to get our feet dirty and have some muddy fun

The route today was pretty similar to the one yesterday, except for the last part.  Instead of heading to Felsenegg from Uto Kulm I didn't go all the way to Uto Kulm but instead climbed the ridge to near the top and then headed in the direction of Uitikon.  I almost got lost after passing through Uitikon as I was heading away from Zurich despite being sure that I was heading towards it.  I thought my sense of direction was like a homing pigeon, but today I must have been a very drunk homing pigeon at the very least.  It was only when I saw the beacon on top of the Uetliberg that I realised my mistake, but at least I noticed before I was too far off course.  If I had continued to run away from Zurich without realising, it could have been a very long run or walk home, as I didn't have any money on me for a bus and I wouldn't want to risk a hefty on the spot fine.

The total elevation gain was a little less than yesterday, but still a respectable 796m.  I am hoping that all these hills with give me the extra strength I will need to take on the sand dunes in the Sahara.  It is not only the uphills that give you a good workout, but also the downhills too.  Downhills are great for building strong quads, although you do have to be careful not to overdo them, as this is how I got injured a couple of years ago (by hammering too much on the downhills).

So with my objective (100 miles/ 160km of running in one week) almost half way completed you may want to know how I am feeling.  So far so good I would say.  The muscular aches are very mild and no pains to report at present.  With tomorrow being a rest day it gives my body a chance to recover before the next two 32km runs on Wednesday and Thursday.  I am however planning to do my first session of Bikram yoga (hot yoga) tomorrow, so it is an active rest day.  My complete rest day will be on Friday, ready for the final 32km run on Saturday.

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