Thursday, 26 January 2012

One hour of Pilates followed by 32km of running. Today was tough!

The long miles may be starting to tire me out.  Either that or it was the 1 hour of Pilates beforehand, combined with my run, that tired me out.  Whichever way it was, I didn't find today's run as easy as the others.  On top of that the tongue on my left shoe has started poking in my shin as I run, so the front of my left shin is now rather bruised and sore.

I was pleasantly surprised how the Pilates went though, as I haven't done it since August last year.  It was clear to me that I have lost some strength in my powerhouse, but I did much better than I had imagined I would.  From now until the Marathon des Sables I am going to do Pilates twice a week.  Once a week is good but twice a week will give me that extra core strength that I am looking for.

My run took me from the Pilates studio up the Uetliberg and along to Felsenegg.  From there I continued to Buchenegg and then down the hill to the Sihl.  I followed the Sihl until I reached Adliswil and then I headed up and over the hill to Kilchberg.  From Kilchberg I ran along the lake until I reached Bellevue and then I headed along the Bellevue side of the lake to just past Tiefenbrunnen station.  From there it was back through Seefeld and then home.  Distance wise I timed it perfectly and my 32km target was reached a few hundred metres before the apartment, giving me a couple of minutes to walk and cool down.

Up on top of the Uetliberg there is a light dusting of snow and you have to be a little careful with your footing on the paths.  It is quite pretty, but it was melting fast so I expect it will be gone by tomorrow.  There is a sledging route on the Uetliberg, but there is nowhere near enough snow for that to be open.  Compared to last year this seems to be quite a mild winter so far, not that I am complaining.

It will be interesting to see how Saturday's final 32km run goes, but I have tomorrow to rest before I attempt that.  It will also give the bruising on my shin a chance to go a bit.  The total weekly mileage to date is 80 miles or 128km.

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