Sunday, 12 December 2010

Dog tired today...

Well the X-country ski lesson went well, but today I feel so sleepy.  It has been a struggle dragging myself out of bed to reach the laptop and write this post.  I am not at all surprised they say that X-country skiing is one of the best all round exercises.  But when I looked up "best" in the thesaurus, surprisingly enough I didn't find the words "painful" or "tiring" which are my alternative versions of the word.

The instructor started us off by using only one ski, which was great for me, as my problem last time was using too much upper body strength.  By taking away the poles we had to focus on the legs and that was great for helping to improve my technique.  After the one ski exercises then it was two skis, followed by two skis and holding the poles (but not using them) and then finally both skis and the poles combined.

We took our little doggy with us, dressed in her new supercool winter jacket.  It turns out though that Negrita isn't really a cold weather dog (well mini Schnauzers were never bred for that anyway) and was shivering almost the whole time.  I am sure I saw one of the husky dogs sniggering at her as he passed.  At one point she was shivering so much I decided I would pick her up and stuff her inside my coat.  She was quite scared though, and thanked me by warming  up my leg with a strange yellow liquid.  I believe this is the same strange yellow liquid that some of us scuba divers use to warm up our cold damp wetsuits at the beginning of a dive - ewwwww.

I have quite a few ideas for my next post, but I will leave it as a surprise for now.  As Forrest Gump said, life is like a box of chocolates and you never know what you are going to get.  Although as my father rightly pointed out, you only have to read the label and then you know exactly what you are going to get........

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