Thursday, 17 January 2013

"From Border To Border" ski tour information

Tonight I was excited to receive the information pack about the "From Border To Border" ski tour, or "Rajalta rajalle -hiihto" as it is called in Finnish.  I will be in group RR1 starting from Kuusamo on the 7th March 2013.

In my group RR1, 68 skiers have signed up.  There are 4 groups in total RR1, RR2, RR3 and RR4.  Overall, there will be 115 skiers from Finland taking part and 73 skiers from Germany.  Also represented are Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Russia, Belgium, Spain, UK, France, Denmark, Brazil, USA, Slovenia, Czech Republic and for the first time this year Estonia.

The event is a classic style cross country ski tour from Kuusamo near the Finnish border with Russia to Tornio on the Finnish Swedish border.  Daily distances vary from between 44km and 88km.  The daily program will look like the following

Day 1: Get-together

Day 2: Distance 61km

Day 3: Distance 60km

Day 4: Distance 60km

Day 5: Distance 88km

Day 6: Distance 44km

Day 7: Distance 56km

Day 8: Distance 65km

Day 9: Departure from Tornio

I am sure it will be a really fun event, but when I saw the daily distances I was a little worried that I have not even been cross country skiing once this year so far.  I think some action is therefore required.  The first thing I will do is go and buy some cross country skis this Saturday in Konstanz, Germany.  They need to be good ones, as they are the ones that I will use in the tour itself.

Then next weekend when the Mrs goes to Spain I will go for a weekend of cross country skiing.  I will try and fit in one more full weekend before the tour starts.  Two weekends of cross country skiing is not the best preparation ever, but I have a really good base fitness level and good upper body and lower body strength, so I am hoping that will carry me through.  If worst comes to worst, skiers can always take the bus at any point along the route.

One thing you can be sure of, is that in one form or another I will be super active in the coming weeks. Most likely a mix of strength training using kettle bells and Pilates, along with some swimming and running.

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