Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Gluttony I banish you until next Christmas

We all need a few days break from time to time, and for those of us that celebrate Christmas, this is the time when we tend to let things go for a few days.  All those sweets, chocolate, biscuits, the free flowing alcohol, huge meals and hours of chatting rather than training.  Most of us put on at least a little bit of weight.  I am no exception this year, having taken far more than my fair share of chocolates.  I just hopped on the scales and it is showing that I am 82.5kg, so I have gained just somewhere between half a kilo and one kilo (it could have been worse I guess).  It's over now though as I have decided to banish the gluttony until next Christmas.

Above is a photo of me modelling my fitness related Christmas presents.  Most of them I mentioned I would be getting in an earlier post.  I am wearing my new A400 skins, holding my compact rumble roller, with my Nike Zoom Victory track spikes on my feet.  The gift I am holding in my left hand was one I didn't know I would be getting, a book of the World's Ultimate Running Races.  That was from my sister.

Ten days have now passed since the Pisa marathon and I am easing gently back into training.  I have no residual aches or pains, and my energy levels seem back to normal.  That does not mean that my body is completely recovered inside though.  Some people say it takes around 3 weeks for your body to recover fully from such a race.  Others say allow one day per mile, so 26 miles in the case of a marathon.  You gain less from diving back into heavy training than you do from giving your body the time it needs to recover, and allowing it to get stronger.

With the next race a half marathon, I don't need to do any crazily long runs.  Instead I will be focussing a lot on speed and speed endurance.  With my cool new track spikes, I can train in all weather, even when the track is icy or snowy.  I have no excuses now eh.

Enjoy your Boxing day everyone!


  1. Good luck for the next marathon with your new spikes : )

  2. Thanks Caroline. I wore them today on the track for the first time, and they certainly help with grip. I didn't beat my 400m PB yet though. I equalled it, but pacing seems to be my biggest issue. I burn out spectacularly somewhere around 300m.