Friday, 23 November 2012

Father Christmas is going to bring me a pair of odd shoes

Odd socks we all know, but odd shoes?  This year I wanted Father Christmas to bring me a few sports related gifts.  I asked him for 3 main things: a pair of track spikes, a foam roller and a pair of A400 SKINS for running in.  I have been very well behaved this year so I felt like he might listen to me.

Things have moved on since the days of writing a wish list with pen and ink and then holding it above the flames of an open fireplace and allowing it to drift up the chimney, up up and away, to eventually arrive at the North Pole.  I spoke to Father Christmas this year via mobile phone.  He also seems to have moved, as the Father Christmas I spoke to lives on the Welsh border, which also happens to be the same place where my parents live.

Anyway, enough of coincidences and getting back to the main point of the story, Father Christmas called me back today and said that he was happy to be able to tell me he could deliver every item on my wish list.  He said the foam roller had arrived at his grotto last week sometime, and the track spikes had arrived earlier today via Elf Courrier.  The SKINS are due to arrive shortly.  Now Father Christmas is very diligent, and he likes to make sure that all the packages arriving at his grotto are in perfect condition, so he opens each and every one of them and makes a small inspection.

Now imagine his surprise when he opened the package containing my track spikes and saw one fluorescent green shoe and one blue shoe.  Oh dear he thought, what has happened here.  Not wanting to feel outdated though, just in case fashions had changed and he was unaware of it, he went online and used Google to check the track spike reviews.  "Oh my goodness what a strange world this has become" he exclaimed, as Google confirmed that indeed some vendors are selling odd shoes on purpose.

In this case, the shoes in question are the Nike Zoom Victory Unisex track spikes, and they come in blue/ green.  One shoe is blue with some green on it, and the other shoe is green with some blue on it.  It will take a bit of getting used to, but odd shoes are a pretty cool concept.  Hats off to Nike for coming up with that novel idea.

Here are Santa's other gifts for this little boy (me) this Christmas

Compact Rumble Roller

SKINS A400 top and tights

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