Friday, 18 May 2012

How embarrassing it can be to do a one to one Pilates lesson when you have a dodgy stomach

It does not happen all the time, but sometimes my stomach gets a little gaseous.  That does not normally present much of a problem during day to day activities, but when doing a one to one Pilates lesson where you are very close to the instructor and you are having to strain hard as you tense up your powerhouse, it can lead to embarrassing moments.  I am sure the instructor is used to it, and it probably happens very often, but still, for me it is rather embarrassing to let one rip in front of her.

This afternoon my stomach was not feeling that great.  It may have been the mix of wasabi peanuts, goats milk, carrot juice, dates and greek salad that I had for lunch.  I am not quite sure, but I was a little concerned about how the Pilates lesson this evening would go.  I made sure to go to the toilet before I started, but part way through one of the exercises I had to excuse myself rather quickly and go to powder my nose yet again.  Luckily I got through the rest of the lesson without any further problems.

In the last few minutes of the lesson I got a chance to try out the foot corrector that I mentioned in a previous post.  Martha thinks that it will help me to toughen up my feet, ready for my next ultra in August.  She said that my foot currently moves in slightly strange ways and that she will try to correct that over the coming weeks.  I know for a start that I over-pronate, as I always used to wear support shoes.

In addition to introducing the foot corrector, she also stopped using the rubber pad on the foot bar of the reformer.  That makes it slightly more uncomfortable for my feet but she said that will help to toughen them up as well.

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