Monday, 7 May 2012

First day back at work after an 8 month break

Well as most of you know, today was my first day back at UBS after an 8 month break.  It felt almost as though I had never left in terms of the conversations I was overhearing about various systems and components I had worked on, and all the familiar faces I saw that I know and like.  I spent most of the day waiting for the various access rights to be granted and for accounts to be setup that I needed in order to start installing my development environment.  This meant that for the first few hours I was just sitting around twiddling my thumbs, which I am not that good at, but by the end of the day I was able to start installing the various programs that I will need.  Hopefully by the end of tomorrow I will have the majority of my environment set up and will be ready to get my newly assigned tasks.

The day started well with me sticking to my plan of running to work.  I was a little perturbed when I got up and looked outside this morning, only to see that it was wet and dreary.  For a few minutes I thought about changing my plan, but as I mentioned yesterday I am a creature of habit and it is important for me to start as I mean to go on.  Although it was wet outside, it didn't actually rain during the time I was running, so I am glad I didn't change my mind based on the weather.  Firstly I jogged down to Central to drop Negrita off, and then I started my run from Central to UBS Opfikon.  I had considered doing the run in my VFFs, but 7.69  kilometres is a lot further than I have run in them before, so in the end I opted to wear my Newton Sir Isaac Guidance Trainers.

The run went without a hitch, but I still feel I have not recovered fully from the MDS.  I just don't feel quite as strong as I normally do when I am running yet.  I will continue to increase the speed and duration of my training runs very gradually until I feel that I have fully recovered.  In the end, the 7.69 kilometres took me exactly 40 minutes, and I would describe the pace as comfortable.

Running to work is a good way to start the day in my opinion.  After a run and a shower I feel energised and awake.  Luckily UBS has shower facilities on site or else it might not be so easy to do.  Hopefully more and more employers will realise the benefits of having healthy employees and provide such facilities.  I am sure it will be worth their investment in the end.

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