Sunday, 18 March 2012

100 miles (160km) run this week

When I woke up today I knew that I only had to run 18km to achieve my goal, which was to run 100 miles (160km) this week.  I could have tried this weeks ago, but I wanted to get my base fitness as high as possible to minimise the risk of injuring myself.  In fact I did try it some time back if you recall, but towards the end of the week I was struggling and felt it was not a good idea to continue to pursue it.  I have never felt stronger than I do now though, and achieving it this week was not really a problem at all.

I ran slowly, using it as a recovery jog from my 71km run on Friday.  If anything I will feel better tomorrow rather than worse for having gone out, as it was good to get the blood flowing around and to loosen up the muscles again.  The first 10km Anny was running with me.  It is the longest she has run so far and she did very well.  Negrita was also with us, but not enjoying the run due to the fact that it started raining.  After Anny had completed her 10km, she took the bus back to the apartment with Negrita.  I then ran back to complete my 18km target.  As I was reaching the apartment I realised I would be ever so slightly short of 18km so I just did a quick loop around the nearby streets to bring the total to exactly 18km.

Anny was wearing my Suunto t3d heart rate monitor and my Suunto Food Pod Mini, whilst I was wearing my Garmin GPS watch, as I wanted to see how accurately the food pod measures the distance.  I haven't yet calibrated the device so Suunto claim that in this state it is 95% accurate.  When my Garmin GPS watch read 10km the Suunto watch was reading 10.43km so it seems that Suunto are correct in their claim.  By the time I have calibrated it, it will serve its purpose well in the MDS.

Now that I have achieved all my targets this week in terms of my longest run and my highest mileage week, I can start to taper for the race.

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