Monday, 9 January 2012

Completed back to back 30km runs meaning weekly milage is 112km

Aching, tired, challenged, buzzing, runners high, sleepy, alive - these are all words to describe how I feel right now after just completing my second 30km training run in 2 days.  Whilst the 21km back to back run felt absolutely fine, this one really challenged me, so I will keep the distance of my back to back runs like this for a few weeks, to give my body some time to adjust to these new demands.

Last week I did my back to back runs on Tuesday and Wednesday, but because I am going to the UK tomorrow, I wanted to get my back to back runs out of the way for this week.  Yesterday I did the first one and today I did the second one, so tomorrow I can rest, which is good since I am travelling.  What that means however is that within the span of one week (last Tuesday until now) I have managed to run a whopping 112m, exactly half the distance I will need to run in the MDS.  I had no idea I had run that far until I was looking through my Garmin Connect Activities, after having uploaded the latest run from today.

If my body feels okay tomorrow, and no sudden pains appear, then things are looking really good training wise.  Naturally I do expect some soreness though.  I have to go now, and try to ingest plenty of protein and carbs, take my hot bath and do my stretching.  I just wanted to share this great news with you first.  Thanks everyone for your ongoing support, even if you only read this blog, it is great to know that there are people out there reading it.  Thanks again.

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