Friday, 6 January 2012

10km tempo run

I wanted to inject a bit more speed into my running, as my longer runs are usually a plod.  So today I did a 10km tempo run, trying to keep my heart rate above 147bpm for between 30 and 45 minutes.  The final result was 45 minutes and 58 seconds.  I made it to 5km in under 22 and a half minutes so I was hoping that I would make it the full 10km in under 45 minutes, but I was slowing a little in the second half and didn't want to kill myself just for the sake of a minute or so.

My average heart rate was 154bpm and my maximum heart rate was 169bpm.  When I look back in my Garmin Connect results chart, I did better today than the last time I did a 10km in March, shortly before the Zurich marathon.  That time I did the 10km in 46 minutes and 48 seconds and my average heart rate was 155bpm.  That makes me feel pretty good, as I was in good shape back then and did the marathon a few weeks later in under 3 and a half hours.

If I try to do a 10km tempo run once a week then I will have a good way to see if I am improving as time goes on.  I would hope that nearer to the MDS my 10km time would be under 40 minutes.

On a completely separate note I have ordered some new running shoes - the PT03 from uk gear.  They were designed in conjunction with the British Army and have been recommended as a good running shoe for the MDS on some websites I was reading.  I have ordered their waterproof winter version, but if I get on well with those I will consider getting the PT03 desert shoes and using those for the MDS itself. The next thing I need to start looking at is dehydrated food.  If I can get away with it I will try to buy dehydrated food that can be made into a meal without the use of hot water.  This would mean I could do away with the need of carrying a stove and fuel, and save some weight in my pack.  The lighter I can make my pack the better.

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