Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hitting the gym

Well I stuck to my word and went to the gym this morning.  It was not quite what I was expecting.  The machines were quite old and there were not so much cardiovascular equipment, but it was sufficient enough to do some weight training.

I tried to stick to compound exercises like squats so that I didn't need to spend so much time there, allowing us to do other activities this afernoon like sightseeing.  In total we spent one hour there.  I think that if you don't spend too much time resting then an hour is quite sufficient.  When I used to go to the gym I always used to try to lift as much weight as possible.  Today I decided instead to focus on endurance and do 3 sets of 20 repetitions at each station.

At the same time as training myself, I was coaching Anny.  I really enjoyed helping her to push herself harder.  I probably wouldn't mind being a personal trainer if I had the chance.  I do tend to push people quite hard though, and not everyone can handle it.  I recall when I was in Belize with Raleigh International and it was my turn to be leader for the day some people said they felt as if they were in the military.  If I was ever to become a personal trainer I would try to pick my clients carefully, and choose only the ones that were willing to really push themselves hard.

Let's see how it goes, but I think tomorrow there will be quite a few aches and pains shared between Anny and myself.  If all goes well we will go for a run together nethertheless.  Have a good day my friends and speak to you tomorrow.

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