Thursday, 18 August 2011

Roundup of the last few days

The last few days has been a combination of cycling, running and Pilates.  Unfortunately I had to skip the yoga on Tuesday lunchtime so that I could go to the bike shop to choose my tour bike.

The bike rides have been between 40 and 50km in length.  Bikes rides of this length are very easy to fit in before or after work.  Ideally I would do one before work and one after work i.e. 80 to 100km per day.  My colleague is doing this at the moment and you get fit very quickly cycling 80km per day.

The running on Wednesday lunchtime was the usual casual jog through the forest, so nothing too strenuous there.

Then finally the Pilates has started again after a 3 week break due to my teacher being away on holiday.  The session tonight was very good and I don't feel any worse for wear, but I do feel like I have worked my powerhouse.  I also noticed there is less belly in the way during some of the exercises.  The belly fat is definitely decreasing.

Diet wise I have maintained my healthy diet.  The only slips have been chocolate bars, although I limit these to one per day if I can.  I am still taking my natural yoghurt with bee pollen on a daily basis.  It may not be the best tasting superfood ever, but it certainly isn't the worst either.  If anything  I would just describe it as "crunchy" with relatively little taste.

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