Wednesday, 31 August 2011

First run on African soil

Yesterday morning I pounded the pavements of Africa for the first time.  The pavements of Kigali, Rwanda to be precise.  I started my run around 9am and by the time I finished I was already starting to feel the heat of the sun.  Kigali doesn't get uncomfortably hot though, due to it's moderately high altitude (around 1,500m above sea level).

I only ran for a shade under an hour but that was fine.  The heat and the altitude and the fact that Kigali is far from flat (and I really mean FAR FROM) meant I had a good workout.  I love the fact you can run here without having to worry for your safety.  The most you are likely to attract is the odd stare, as if to suggest you are slightly crazy running when you could walk or take a motorcycle taxi instead.

I would have liked to have run again this morning, but we had to get up early to do some excursions to other cities in Rwanda.  Then again tomorrow we need to get up early as we are going to spend 2 days in the north of Rwanda.  At least I am doing plenty of walking to stay fit though.

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