Monday, 18 July 2011

600CHF to transport a bike from Peru to Switzerland - what the hell

Today I asked a couple of companies for quotes to transport a bicycle from Cusco, Peru to Zurich, Switzerland.  One of them got back to me with a quote of 600CHF and they said on top of that there would be customs duties to pay.  Was someone having a laugh at my expense?  I was looking for the hidden cameras or expecting Jeremy Beadle to pop out from round the corner, but nothing.  I  can't believe anyone would pay that kind of money - it is just ridiculous.  Even taking it on an aeroplane which is rather expensive can't compare with that.

It reminds me of the time I asked some companies to quote how much it would cost to transport my Concept2 rowing machine from the UK to Switzerland, and several of them said it would cost more than 500GBP.  In the end my mum posted it to me via the Post Office freight service in 2 separate boxes for less than 100GBP.  How can one company dare to charge 5 times what another charges and expect to be taken seriously after that.

Enough ranting for tonight.  I have to go and get over my shell shock now.  It's clear though I think that I won't be using that company to transport my bike.

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