Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sweating like a piggy - oink oink

Tonight's Pilates lesson was a really good one.  It challenged me a lot and at various points my legs were quivering like jelly.  I was also sweating like a little piggy.  The powerhouse was activated of course, but in addition the legs and arms had a good workout too.

The teacher is still surprised I am unable to do a couple of the moves properly yet.  She says it doesn't make sense as I am certainly strong enough to do them.  I think it might be a question of my centre of balance being in a slightly different place to where it is for most people.  I mean I think that my legs are pretty chunky and maybe that means that my centre of gravity is lower than most peoples'.  On the other hand though my chest is pretty wide too, so I can't really say with certainty that I am more bottom heavy than most people are.

That last bit of belly fat won't seem to shift itself either, and that is a little annoying considering how much training I have been doing.  There is only one time I remember having a perfect six pack and that was when I came back from Belize.  I went out there on a 3 month Raleigh International expedition.  When I left for the expedition I was around 85kg and when I came back I was somewhere around 75kg. The difference in Belize was that in addition to lots of physical exertion the food was heavily rationed.   Maybe the same will happen during my Vuelta Sudamericana bike ride in the Andes, where I guess it won't be easy to get tons of veggie food, and I will probably be living off simple foods.

I have been trying to make various modifications to my diet though - I don't consume sugary drinks like coca cola and I don't take any sugars in my tea of coffee, I try to eat wholemeal bread instead of white bread, semi skimmed milk instead of full fat milk, not so much cheese and so on.  It is really down to the point now though where the only fat left is on my belly.  The rest of me is pretty much solid muscle.  So maybe it is just a matter of staying focussed on my training and diet and having to be patient.

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