Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Final day of exercise before the big event - may the rest and carboloading begin

With only a few days left till the Marmotte on Saturday, today was the last day I will do any proper form of exercise.  At lunchtime I did yoga and it was nice to see that yet another one of my colleagues decided to take part.  I think a lot of how hard you find the yoga is how far you are willing to push yourself.  For example a lot of people tend to do the poses rather upright and seem to manage it easily.  But I like to really get down low and make my legs work, and then they begin to shake.  So today was a great workout as I was really willing to push myself.  Yet the moves I was doing were exactly the same as others that only do yoga once a week and nothing else.

I am still experimenting with my Bont heat moldable shoes to change the shape slightly.  So after work I went for a quick ride to see how they feel.  The right shoe seems much better fitting now, after last nights work on it, but the left is still not quite a perfect fit.  I have done some further work on it tonight and tomorrow I will go for a quick spin to try it out.

My bike is in for a quick service just to make sure it is in tip top condition for the weekend.  I only had it serviced a few weeks ago but there are a couple of minor adjustments I want made, and also I think some water may have got into the moving parts from a ride I did a few weeks ago in heavy rain.

Once again I have gone another year using my Giant TCR 97 without trading it in for a newer model.  Every year I consider changing it, but somehow I am attached to my first proper racing bike.  It has got me from one end of the UK to the other, all over Switzerland, all over the Netherlands and various other countries too.  It is really more than a bike - it is a trusted companion.

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