Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Yoga on Tuesday and lunchtime jog today, so taking it easy compared to before

Howdy folks,

Time for a quick update of the last couple of days.

On Tuesday lunchtime the yoga was quite gentle compared to normal.  The teacher was ill and I guess it would have been hard for her to demonstrate moves that required a lot of strength and energy, as she wouldn't have had much.  It was good for me though as I was still aching from the previous week and needed to go easy.  At the end of the class we practised handstands and I really felt I am starting to get a good foundation, and am able to hold it for up to 15 seconds.

This week my massage was shifted from Tuesday to Thursday so I haven't had that yet.  It is a shame as I could have done with that on Tuesday, but I can still benefit from it tomorrow.  It will be with a different person to normal so I hope that the stand-in isn't one of these sadomasochists who enjoys inflicting pain on poor innocent sports enthusiasts.

Today I did the usual lunchtime jog with colleagues.  I had my Garmin GPS watch with me so it seems our usual loop through the woods is just over 7km and takes us somewhere around 40 minutes.  When I checked my heart rate after getting back to the office it was around 125bpm so I really was taking it easy.  At that pace I can run all day long.

Now I am off to an all you can eat buffet to pack in some carbs.  Obviously I have to be a little careful as I don't want to gain too much weight in this tapering period, but at the same time I do need to get a good dose of carbs in my body.

Hasta luego amigos,

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