Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Post marathon recovery

I didn't expect the few days following my first marathon to be easy, but at the same time I didn't expect quite the amount of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) that I got the day after.  On Monday morning I could barely walk down the stairs to leave my building on the way to work.  Any steps I saw instilled fear in my quads.

By Tuesday it was getting much better, but then a mysterious pain appeared from underneath my right foot arch.  It was strange that I didn't feel anything the day before, but maybe my quads were so sore that I just didn't notice.  The pain is most likely just a sprain as the feet take quite some pounding during the marathon.  When I had my sports massage I asked my therapist to take a look, and she told me it didn't seem to be anything serious.

Today I am almost walking normally again, save for a slight limp because of my foot.  I will try icing it and taking an ibuprofen and see if it clears up.  I tried icing it the other night but almost gave myself frost nip in the process.  After doing some internet research it seems that frozen gel packs are not always as harmless as we may think, and several people have given themselves serious frost nip from using them for too long.

Below is my finisher's video clip from the race.  The one thing I can't help noticing is just how much chunkier I am than the other runners finishing at the same time.  When I go for my sub 3 hour next year I think I will really try to shift some more weight first.

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