Thursday, 31 March 2011

10k tempo run

Tonight I decided to do a 10k tempo run.  The idea was not to race all out, but to get a rough idea of how fast I can do 10k in if I did run all out.  I took Negrita with me, but this time I allowed her plenty of time to go to the toilet before I started the tempo run.  I also wanted to warm up gently and to get down the lake before starting, so that then I could run along the lake on the footpath and not be held up by traffic lights like last time.  In addition the route along the lake is very flat.

I didn't feel particularly strong before starting.  My legs were aching slightly from the sports massage I had in the morning.  I think my body will really appreciate the tapering period that will start in a few days time to allow it to recover fully, and to reap the rewards of the training already in the bag.

The kilometres seemed to fly by very quickly and before I knew it I was approaching half way.  Then Negrita decided that she wanted to go to the toilet again and my first knowledge of it was when the lead suddenly became taut and Negrita was skidding along the ground.  I wasn't that pleased with her decision, but did the responsible thing and waited patiently then got out my little red bag and ran along scouting for a bin.  Then it was time to get back into the rhythm and go go go.

I felt like I was giving it 7 or 8 out of 10 in terms of effort.  I was blowing hard but I knew when I finished I would have to run from the lake back home so didn't want to push any harder.  I also knew I would be doing another 33km run in a few days time and would need to save something for that.  And on top of all this I have yoga tomorrow lunchtime and then Pilates for an hour in the evening to contend with.

In the final kilometre Negrita decided she needed the toilet again, but this time only a number 1 so it didn't hold me up for too long.  When I really want to race along the clock I won't be taking her with me for sure.

The total time was 46 minutes and 47 seconds.  Average heart rate was 155bpm and the maximum heart rate was 165bpm.  The full data can be found here

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